Dubai Furnished Apartments are now available on


Dubai Furnished Apartments announces its partnership with to enhance the bookings of Dubai hotel apartments/furnished apartments and hotel rooms. Through this partnership, Dubai Furnished Apartments will work with to give an opportunity to the customers to explore and choose from thousand of furnished hotel apartments/hotel rooms for their short term rental in Dubai, UAE.

This partnership will especially help the tourists to get the complete arrangement of their accommodation in Dubai. This deal will support and address new opportunities to the customers to get a cost effective accommodation in Dubai.

“We are so pleased to announce this partnership. This will expand and improve our service capabilities to serve a larger number of customers to offer them the most affordable and guaranteed lowest rates accommodation in Dubai,” said Zahir Shah, the Managing director of Dubai Furnished Apartments.

“We have had a very short portfolio of our properties in the past which was not sufficient for fulfilling the needs of our customers, Thanks to the which gave us an opportunity and we will now be having a lot of choices for your short term rental needs. Our properties used to be fully booked and we used to have “Availability” issues, but we are very excited that our customers now can choose from thousand of available options. This is our aim to provide our customers the best services and they never feel nervous whenever they need accommodation in Dubai, we will try our best to make your booking as easy possible,” he added.

Dubai Furnished Apartments has been providing luxurious and furnished apartments in Dubai UAE since 2001. It is one of the Dubai’s premium providers of Dubai short term rentals. established in 1996, it is now one of the worlds leading agency of hotel reservation.

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