Chinese hotel prices are set to fall this summer

The prices of hotels in several major Chinese cities are set to drop in the coming months, according to the latest Asia-Pacific hotel rates indicator published by

The online travel agent released figures April 8 which showed that Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai are all set to fall in price between now and June as hot, humid weather between May and September lowers travel demand.

Rates in Guangzhou will fall particularly sharply,  with rates 40 percent lower by June at an average of just $102 a night.

Several other destinations in Asia-Pacific have seen month-on-months price drops between March and April, according to the figures.

Particularly noticeable was the sharp decline in prices in Thailand’s Phuket (5575THB/$185 on average this month, down from 6827THB/$227 in March), where prices are predicted to continue dropping over the next months, and Cambodia’s Siem Riep, where the average cost of a bed for a night has fallen from $112 to $96.

Asia-Pacific’s most expensive destinations – April 2011

1. Langkawi, Malaysia $275
2. Singapore $255
3. Perth, Australia $239
4. Bali, Indonesia $228
5. Tokyo, Japan $227
6. Sydney, Australia $222
7. Melbourne, Australia $218

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